Raleigh, North Carolina and
Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast
Yamoussoukro in Africa is hot dry with very few rainy days. On the other hand, North Carolina has Sub-Tropical climate. Both of the cities are major producers of plants. North Carolina produces tobacco and Yamoussoukro produces a lot of cocoa beans. The two cities have a non-polluting housing, Raleigh has modular homes and Yamoussoukro has mud brick houses.
Both of the cities have few but major problems. Some of the problems faced by Raleigh crimes, they are 15th in the U.S.A. for crimes. Ivory Coast though, is a victim of this; genocide killed already 400 innocent people. One problem is striking both countries, unemployment.
Few of the many, many differences between my two cities are the numerous citizens in poverty. 0.2% of people have internet and 6% have television. There houses are even made of dry mud.
There are few similarities of the American and African cities. They are both on a coastal beach. Also they both have mountains on the other side of the state or country. Both of their civil wars lasted about 4 years long.
Both are major prodders of plants and have non-polluting homes. The African city is hot and dry yet the American city is cold and sometimes wet. I hope that in Africa the genocide will stop completely or it might get way out of hand.
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Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast
external image Cote_d%27ivoire_flag_map.png

N 35
W 78 38'
external image travel_statemapping_statemaps_lattlong.png
N 6
W 5
external image map?id=mgaf024&op=ll&pid=go
Is on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.
Near the Gulf of Guinea
105 meters above sea level
260 meters above sea level
Goods that are transported are usually tobacco.
Goods that are transported are frequently cocoa beans.
People are transported by Car, Train, or Air.
Either you are walking or you wealthy enough to have a car.
34.3% of people have internet
79% of people have television
97% of people are literate
0.2% ofpeople have internet
6% of people have television
48.5% of people are literate
There is 46.55 inches of precipitation every year.
There is 78.74 inches of precipitation every year.
There is 53,819 sq mi of land.
There is 124,503 sq mi of land.
The state was established in November 1789.
The country was established in August 1960.
The top three languages are English, Spanish, and German.
The top three languagesare French, Baoule, and Dioula.
Some facts about North Carolina are:
1.) The largest tobacco producers in the United States.
2.) The 17th president, Andrew Johnson, was from North Carolina.
3.) Is known for being nicknamed the "City of Oaks".
Some facts about Ivory Coast are:
1.) Largest cocoa bean producer of the world.
2.) The city has over 60 ethnic groups
3.) Cote d'Ivoire declared Independence from France in 1961.
The population is 416,468.
The population is 200,659.
The population density 2,916.6/sq. mi.
The population density 385/sq. mi.
Climate is Sub-Tropical in North Carolina.
Climate is Semi-Arid in Yamoussakro.solar_africa_map.jpg
Winter is usually 50'F and has up to 7 inches of snow.
Winter: never snows and has very little rain.
Summer is 90'F but the Atlantic keeps it cooler usually.
Summer has up to 20 rainy days.
Modular Homes (made in factories) are usually made in Releigh.
Mud houses (made of mud bricks) are the most common house in Yamoussakro.
Leisure activities are mostly Boating, Camping, and Hot Air Balloons.
Leisure activities ar mostly soccer, music, and boxing.