50 'Tastes' of America

To kick off the year we are going to take a trip around the United States by looking at food that each state is known for. Each student will pick a different state and explore that state's most famous food. When you are discovering your state's tasty contribution look at the following information to help you research:
1. Location of your state-be as specific as possible, correct city and state, cardinal directions, and region in the United States.
2. Food Description-not everyone may know about the food you are looking at including nutrition information, be very specific and detailed in your description.
3. History-How did this food come to be and become a famous part of your state's history.

When you are writing up your paragraph explaining your food with all the exciting, descriptive information you found make sure you are focusing on conventions as well (spelling, grammar, and capitalization). You will type this information on the computer in class in a font that the class can easily read in a font no bigger than 14 pt. Be sure to include a title with your food's name at the top and the city and state (or just state) below.

Finally, create a picture of your food for our bulletin board. Remember this is going to be up for the class to view so be sure your picture is neat and colorful. Trace and color with colored pencil, find an appropriate sized picture in a magazine, print a colored picture at home are just a few ideas...BE CREATIVE.

Both your typed paragraph and pictures will be posted on the class bulletin board so the whole class can see our unique tastes throughout America.


BratwurstSheboygan, WisconsinThe bratwurst was said to have been created in Germany as early as the 1300’s. It is now famous for being a Wisconsin food because of the large German heritage in this state, especially in the Sheboygan. Made mostly of pork the bratwurst also contains a large amount of fat that usually drains out when you grill them. While the bratwurst is now gaining popularity around the United States but is still one of the most popular foods at all Wisconsin tailgate parties.